Licensed Tunes - Over the past 5 years, I've reduced the number of live gigs ... working more on composing for documentaries, films & various projects requiring original music.  It's such a cool experience to help set the mood for a scene. 

As of late, I have 3 tunes in (son) Sam Probst & Colby Holt’s film Pig Hag.  Launched 2019 at SXSW, this past summer in LA and recently in New Orleans.  



These guys made this film on a shoe-string budget, got it accepted at SXSW.... it made a splash there, got picked up by Gravitas Studio - which just released it on all the major streaming platforms.  It's been amazing to watch the progression of Sam & Colby's film ... & pretty cool to have music in it.  Pig Hag music also provided by nephew Jon Fegel, Lucas White.










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